To live is to fight . Sports are about fights; games  -  the same.

People are looking for competitions and challenges  wherever those take place , in stadium, of wall streets or on the internet . There are wars and conflicts. The people winning  all enjoy their games. Gain or lose. All the same.

What' s important ? What's fun?

Interaction is fun. To ahceive what we believe ; what we have long for is everything to me for life. PVP is an attitude. To be brave. To be storng. To have fun.


Player versus player, or PvP, is a type of combat in MMORPGs, MUDs and other computer role-playing games pitting a player's skill against another's, where the goal is ultimately the death of the opponent's player character. While this can include player killing or PKing, this term is usually used in a narrower sense. It is the antithesis of combating mobs, known as player versus monster (PvM) or player versus environment (PvE).

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