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I may be totally wrong about this theory, so please correct me, if necessary.

My perception of the rewards for PvP is that the MOST, & BEST, rewards come from the three Battleground factions. There aren't as many "general" PvP rewards, & the ones that do exist aren't as good. Obviously, if this assumption is untrue, the rest of my argument is also bad, but, whatever :)

The problem, here, is that to get the BEST stuff, you not only need the PvP rank, but also faction with the various groups. You don't get faction with those various groups unless you participate in the BGs they're involved with; so-called "world PvP", AFAIK, does not provide those necessary faction increases. So, while you may have tons of RANK from world PvP, you don't have the necessary FACTION to get the best stuff. Thus, there is no item reward incentive to engage in "world PvP".

When you add in the all-too-real possibility of "dishonor kills", it's a double whammy that funnels players into the battlegrounds & out of the "world", thus killing "world PvP" & forcing the "reputation grind" that so many of us are sick of.

So it seems to me that two steps need to be taken to encourage "world PvP":

A. Eliminate, or else radically change, DKs

B. Increase both the quantity & quality of "general" PvP rewards.

Doing either alone will not be sufficient, & IMHO, while the PvP changes for Silithus & EPL sound intriguing, that is -- as someone else put it -- "adding PvP to the world", not "improving world PvP".

I'd like to close by pointing out that as a PvE player, no, it's not "fun" when you ride into the nearest friendly town & discover that all your quest-givers & merchants are dead & someone is owning the flight-master, too. But when that sort of thing happens, it serves (IMHO, at least) to increase the "immersion factor" in the game. It makes things that are happening in the game ACTUALLY IMPACT PLAYERS, which causes them to be more concerned with what is happening. In short, it helps us to feel as if there really IS a "war" going on, & two factions that are just barely restraining themselves from going at each other tooth & nail.

As it is, though, the current system feels fake & patchy. It feels like an amusement park, with various "theme worlds" in it to draw various "theme crowds", where a REAL MMORPG should cause players to feel like they're part of of a "living world". But I think the WoW world, as it was a year ago before the introduction of BGs faction grinds & "dishonor kills", was more exciting, more tense, more enjoyable, more fun.

PLEASE, Blizzard: bring the FUN back. Eliminate or radically change DKs, & give world PvPers a freekin' REAL incentive to fight in the world.

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