When I originally heard Blizzard plans to revitalize world PvP I was hopeful. And now I have read the IGN article.... I am wondering when some game, any game, thats *actually* PvP focused will come out.


Collect dust in the most annoying zone in game for a buff? Thats supose to be world pvp? Silithus is already down right annoying for large scale pvp, with mobs that root, knock down, and roam EVERYWHERE its already hard to just fight other people there. Theres also the constant stream of large groups going from CH to AQ, ganking anyone they find along the way, you WON'T find good 5-10v5-10 matches here.

We don't want to collect random crap items or babysit unimportant deserted towers in a wasteland.

We want world PvP.

We want to raid opposing cities, killing EVERYTHING, players, NPCs, guards, and if we're strong enough, taking down their city leader. We want DKs removed, we want minor gain(honor/gold/etc) for killing npcs/guards in a enemy capitol. we want recognition for killing thrall, killing magni. say a buff to *ALL* of your faction, that last thru death, for an hour, maybe make them drop epics. cause we damn well know killing a city leader is harder then kazzak or azuregos or onyxia. we want a serverwide message 'so and so's band of heros have defeated thrall, warchief of the horde'. give the players a 1-24 hour title(like the pvp titles, but temporary) 'Franky, Champion of the Horde', 'Franky, Hero of the Alliance', just something to show that they just killed an enemy leader.

we want NEW/revamped neutral towns/outposts that can be captured by one faction for a time, giving them discounts on sales/repairs/selling unique items. a vendor that sells reagants at half cost, a blacksmith who repairs gear for free. an npc who sells cheap potions/bandages. maybe put in a gambling vendor, like from diablo, random items you cant see, you buy for insane amounts of gold, chances for unique rares and epics. make it change from horde/alliance like the points in AB do.

collecting dust and babysitting towers is not world pvp. these objectives are in 2 interesting zones, silithus(aq), and epl(naxx). all 1.12 will do is give RAIDERS something to do while they wait for the rest of their guild to log on and fly to their dungeon. pvpers will stick to bgs for honor, notoriety, and to get their pvp gear.

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