VANQUISH has left the building..

Since there have been alot of rumors flying around, i'm gonna go ahead and set the record straight.

VANQUISH is leaving Laughing Skull this week.

All I care about is the future of VQ and staying on this server will not protect my best interests. Simply put, the horde guilds on this server are nothing less then pathetic. I think most of this has to do with the fact that there has never been many horde guilds on this server. The best times I've ever had in this game was fighting against DDH in Winterspring and eastern plaguelands for 5 hours a night, fighting against BBz in Azshara over world dragons, the insanely competitive Unfadable WSG/AB groups. These times are long gone. Alot of people play this game for the PvE aspect. Alot of people play this game for the battle grounds. Alot of people play this game for the potiential world PvP. Most people in VQ play it for 'all of the above'. The horde PvE on laughing skull is horrible. The horde battle grounds are horrible and the future of world PvP on this server will not quench my thirst for pixelated blood. The combination of the horrible lag on Laughing skull and the on-going embarassing horde faction was enough to hold endless debates and discussions about server transfers and we all decided what was best for us.

For my pals, I'm sorry to leave you guys! For Deus Vox...the guild who was created from mostly VQ rejects (<3 Bluescat) and was forged into the best alliance guild this server has ever seen. Much love for you guys. (Except Slawnik, Sisyrx and Demise - I hope all three of you get aids and die.) Everyone else that I love, I'm just one server away from endless talks of kisses and sexual favors. To the rest of you, I hope the best for you on this server. We really enjoyed the last year on Laughing skull but theres only so much some people can take. Good luck to you all!

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