Sing Destruction!!!

Quote from Sin city: "Hell? You don't know what hell is. None of you people do. Hell isn't getting beat up or cut up or hauled in front of some faggot jury. Hell is waking up every God damn morning and not knowing why you're even here. Why you're even breathing. That's what hell is."

看的時候,老實說沒有期待的感動, 但是想不出來有啥可以挑剔的,黑白的影像風格,感覺很不錯,但稱不上絕美.

每段故事都蠻有趣的(講述體制外的英雄的一段故事 ) 但是沒有讓我感動的情節.絕對值得看 但是說不出好看在哪裡

Devon Aoki 在裡面飾演 MIHO, 一個話非常少的日本女武士.

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well, if you play games..

Check more !!!

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最近瀏覽了 Maywadenki 的網站 ,我對於產品設計並不在行但是我非常贊同他們的設計理念,甚至是行銷手段.


對照我自己的能力, 我比較有興趣的是 如何將 空間 事件 互動性聯繫在一起,想做些有台灣味的東西,但那會是啥? 平靜 流暢 中國水墨? 那是中國的東西……

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The Gathering


The day you went away

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What is architecture?

Architecture is an action of manipulating life experiences.

Architecture is the tool that distort space and time.

Architecture is about my life and yours. 

What is design?

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Clan Fundamental Codes:

• Family: Being In Matrix gives you a chance to be a member our Family. Like most families, the clan has dramas, the ups and the downs... But we like to emphasize that once you're in, it's expected of you to treat each and everyone in the clan/alliance as a family.

• Loyalty: Matrix as a whole is nothing without its loyal members that makes it up. We require everyone to have a sense of loyalty, not only on our clan/alliance, but to the members within itself, especially to the leaders and/or officers.

• Respect: Everything is a mutual relationship. Treat others with respect and you'll get the respect you deserve. Respect is greatly expected by the leaders/officer from the members. In everything we do or say, please bear in mind that respecting others is a very valuable key for a sound internal relationship among the members of the clan/alliance.

• Virtue: Honesty, Fairness and Equality, and Proper Manners and Conduct is to be expected from each and every one of us... At least try to be virtuous even though it is just a game, for in the long run you'll realize it is geared towards your own benefit and the alliance's as well.

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The Gathering!!!!!

Melody Doom/Gothic Metal

那是啥 可以吃嗎?


旋律相當不錯, 編曲也很有趣,在一般Doom Metal 的基調上有一份飄逸的感覺, 剛聽的時候, 我還以為是老搖滾團, 看了樂評, 聽久了才驚覺原來是歌德金屬,有一般 Doom / 歌德重金屬的沉潛力量, 卻非常清新優雅, 可能是鍵盤和女主唱的關係, 女主唱擁有完美的聲音,卻不造做.

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The Gathering

On Most Surfaces (Lyrics)

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The Gathering

Even The Spirits Are Afraid (lyrics)

You think you were earning

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